Reproduction of a Heinrici hot air engine



The casting set consists of 18 red brass parts. For the adaptation a sanding machine or a tape grinder, a centre lathe and a mill should be available. In addition, for the construction of the engine the following parts are required:

- Metal parts for the construction of the state base (see also further below on this side)
- Steel shafts 4, 5, 8 and 10 mms of diameter
- Sheet metal angle 15 x 15 mms
- Brass screws, various dimensions
- Sheet copper 0.5 mms approx. 200 x 300 mms
- Steel pipes various dimensions
- Brass round stock various diameters


The metal parts for the construction of the base consist of 1.5 mms of stainless steel. The tins with all necessary cuttings and drillings were provided by laser treatment.


The CAD drawings in the format DIN A3 contains all informations and  drawings for the construction of the engine.