Reproduction of a Heinrici hot air engine



The hot air engine
The hot air- or Stirling engine was invented in 1816 by the Scottish vicar Robert Stirling (1790 –1878). The principle is simple: The gas volume sealed inside a closed cylinder is moved by a displacer alternately to the cooled and to the heated side. The pressure change of the gas is used to force the working piston to move. By diverting the movement of the working piston in suitable way that it takes over the control of the displacer, we got a working engine.

Louis Heinrici
The company Louis Heinrici produced from 1876 till the 20s of the last century many different hot air engines which were used to drive pumps, smaller machines and room jets. This impressive engines are very rare today. They are mainly in the possession of museums and collectors. In any case, Heinrici hot air engines are hardly offered.

By the planning of the reproduction I tried to receive possibly the charm of the original without copying it, however. The result is to be seen in the picture gallery in detail. Some videos show the engine in operation.

The main work by the reproduction of this engine was the production of the casting pattern. Because these exist now, I am able to manufacture further castsings. If you interested or if you have any further questions please contact me by email.

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